Its my 2nd day of work here at my new office as an Internet Sales and Marketing Specialist located at the corner of Ayala and Rufino Avenue. During my pre-screening with the company, I thought I made a mistake of applying for the position which I have now. This was basically because I noticed that most of the employees had their make-ups on.  Knowing that I don’t put any make up on my face, it pretty scared me.  As I waited for my turn for the interview, I was pretty amazed to have noticed that the company I bumped into so happened to be a cosmetic company.  And never did I dream of working in any related industry such as this.

A few weeks after I’ve been screened, I was astounded with the good news delivered by the Human Resource Manager.Proud to say, I was accepted and qualified for the position of Internet Sales & Mktg. Specialist.  Not to mention, part of the requirement was that the applicant should be of 25 years old.  Despite being the youngest amongst the applicants, my age being a 23-year old, did not become an issue for the company.  Instead, they believed in me and became confident that I am able to provide what is expected of me especially with my Job Description.

Now, as I go on, and being on my 2nd day at work, I began to realize that this is pretty much the work which I dream of having.  Aside from the fact that it is a Cosmetic Company, but with the job description, title of work…………man, it is everything a marketing student would dream of achieving.

Momentarily, I realized that I am one of the luckiest person of my age to have been in this position.  Apprehending with this type of job description, and to be connected with a firm who knows how to value each employee that they have, I know I’ll definitely be happy with my stay in the company.