I was just browsing over the net when I came across this site.  It captured my interest in an instant.  Knowing how much  Pinays are so into with whitening products, and yet, not everyone is aware of what exactly the ingredients are and how it is supposed to work.  Not to mention, along with the side effects of each ingredient.


Going to the  main ingredient as they always say, for skin whitening is GLUTATHIONE – did you know that glutathione was never used for whitening skin? it was never advised by specialists from other countries to take in just to lighten up the skin.  Glutathione is actually a chemical used for the cleansing of liver.  More of removing unwanted toxins from our body.  In other words, it is an anti-oxidant.  The side effect of taking in too much glutathione is that your skin begins to lighten up.  Meaning, changes in skin color begins to be visible in a couple of weeks or months.  So for those who claims that glutathione does whiten their skin, think again my dear.  Yes it does, but merely because of the side effect it brings.    You might want to browse or conduct a few searches about it.


Another confusing statement which I usually hear is that : “There are no established side effects to glutathione or to the substances used to elevate glutathione levels….”  I was able to check this site which gave me credible information on how glutathione works.  Angela Bailey stated that “Although glutathione is marketed as a nutritional supplement, it does not appear that glutathione supplements actually increase the levels of glutathione inside cells. In human studies, oral doses of glutathione had little effect in raising blood levels.”


In relation with Glutathione and its image for Pinays and other Asians, I was able to read this article about another chemical or let’s say enzyme which is highly effective for skin whitening.  It is known to be Placenta Protein which are taken from Pigs.  Now don’t get this impression that this protein extracted from Pigs may cause any undesirable results/effects.  On the contrary, it is actually much safer compared with Glutathione.  Glutathione had been tested on guinea pigs or rats, but this does not give the assurance that it may also work 100% on humans.   Which is why number of side effects arises when this is taken by such individuals.  Unlike with Pigs, who has the closest structure with those of humans, it has been tested and proven that the extracted protein actually works on human beings for skin whitening.  As of the moment, the only country who has been trusted with this kind of ability is JAPAN.  Japan, aside from Germany and Europe, offers the most effective skin whitening products.  Which is why this placental protein from Japan is more reliable compared with those from China or other Asian Countries.  Given the fact that Japan is one of the most technologically innovated country in the world.


In the Philippines, there is only one company who promotes placenta protein for skin whitening and it is known to be Mosbeau Inc..  I haven’t heard of any other company who offers the same like what Mosbeau has.  But it is pretty much convincing with the benefits their product gives and proven to have NO SIDE EFFECTS at all.  


For anyone who is interested to know more about this skin whitening enzyme/chemical, feel free to leave ur comments below.  I’ll be conducting more researches about this to well educate my fellow filipinos.