just a little thought:

I was just wondering.. Why are girls so into with cosmetic products?  I mean, i don’t do any make up.. at least just need foundation and a little powder on my face.. But yet, why do females weaken when they see make ups, whitening products or any cosmetic product?  What is it that makes it such a need to purchase these said products?

Based from a study, cosmetic products hit 2nd in the list of every girls demand.  Below are the top 5 list which I came about while browsing the net:

  1. Make up
  2. whitening products
  3. bags
  4. shoes
  5. slimming products/services

As you can see, ladies are naturally vain.  Vanity is the most visible sin in every female.  Though they are aware of this, it is said to be uncontrollable.  Which is why most of the shopping includes the above products.  No wonder 70% of products in the market are for females.  Now I’ve gotten more interested with my research.. LOL!