Asian people love aristocratic paleness.  They prefer pale skin over their own yellow-brownish complexion and detest freckles.  In former ages, bright skin often was regarded as beautiful and associated with gentility; this was also due to the fact that only someone who did not have to do outside work could maintain fair skin.  In order to maintain fair skin, powder and creams with bright pigments were often applied.  To this day, white skin signifies noblesse, prosperity, and feminity.

48676109_1Therefore there is great demand for skin-lightening cosmetic products with significant, immediate, and long-lasting effects.  In former times, also skin lighteners were applied, that were harmful to health, such as mercury.  In the meantime, however, health consciousness had grown considerably and the demand for natural, non-damaging skin lightening is expanding.  In other parts, of the world, more and more skin-lightening actives are being used, e.g., they are incorporated into anti-aging products in order to prevent age spots or to lighten up existing ones.  In our modern competitive world, an even and youthful skin is becoming more and more important.  Therefore nowadays, most creams for everyday skin care includes lightening ingredients.