dr. jean marquez-skinspecialist

Dark underarm is one of the biggest (and even embarrassing) beauty concerns among women.  There are instances that no matter how fair your facial or body skin is, some areas are just stubbornly dark.  Dr. Jean Marquez, president of Philippine Center for Dermatology & Laser Surgery and a fellow of the Philippine Dermatological Society, shares with us the roots of women’s darkest secrets.


Generally, skin darkening is caused by increased in melanin production in the skin or melanogenesis,” shares Dr. Marquez.  Melanin is the skin’s natural pigment that is responsible for the color of a person’s skin.  “Another form of skin darkening is what we call post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation which stimulates excess melanin production as a reaction to irritations, trauma or injuries that occur on the skin.  This is often the stimulation with the underarms,” she explains.


So, what causes irritation on the underarms?  “Plucking, shaving, and too much rubbing of the skin can cause irritation.  But, women should also be wary of the products and treatments they use for their underarms since some of these contain strong chemicals that also damage the skin,” she says.


To get rid of this dark problem, Dr. Marquez recommends that women choose their products carefully.  “Use a product with the combination of the best whitening ingredients that work synergistically to whiten the skin.  When we talk about best ingredients, these pertain to ingredients that will not induce irritation or inflammation, are natural and do not only whiten but at the same time promote exfoliation and skin cell turn-over,” she says.

Placental Protein, Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Extract, Vitamin C, Arbutin and Glutathione are only one of the many effective whitening ingredients that do not cause irritation.  These ingredients can work to influence the biosynthesis of melanin production and rejuvenation of the skin.

Thanks to Dr. Jean Marquez, we now understand how skin darkens and learned the best ways to combat it.  The next step?  It’s just right in your hands.  Practice good skin care habits, consult your dermatologist and use the right underarm whitening product.  Start to unveil your potentials with a skin free from dark problems!