BELLIS PERENNIS 'PINK BUTTONS'The daisy derived its English name from the Anglo-Saxon term daes eage or day’s eye, referring to the way this flower opens and closes with the sun.  The Latin name bellis perennis is derived from bellus = “beautiful” and perennis = “lasting“; today the daisy flower is one of the most popular domestic plants.

According to Roman methodological legend, the nymph Belides, as she danced with the other nymphs at the edge of the forest, caught the eye of Vertumnus, the god of the orchards.  To escape his unwanted attention, she transformed herself into the flower bellis, which is the daisy’s botanical name.  Generally speaking, daisies indicate innocence, purity and gentleness.


bellis perennisBELLIS_Perennisbellis-perennis-pink-english-daisy-flower-picture-b0325pw40