I was just browsing around to check of what are the news around the globe.. then I was caught with the title: “Two women in same OSU office ill with a fungal disease that attacks the lungs – histoplasmosis“.  The article was basically about 2 professors at the Ohio State University who was diagnosed to be positive with HISTOPLASMOSIS.  A fungus that causes histoplasmosis grows in bat and bird droppings.

Histoplasmosis is a common fungal infection endemic in many regions of America, Asia, India and Africa, with sporadic cases also occurring throughout the world. The usual manifestation of histoplasmosis is in the form of respiratory illness.  The disease presents itself in many ways. The commonest route of infection is by inhalation and the commonest presentation is as a mild respiratory illness similar to a cold or influenza. However this infection affects the skin and bones may times presenting as a tumour. Histology usually settles the dilemma.