I personally is initially attracted to people with fair or let’s say with light skin tone.  Next factor is the scent.  I just can’t get over one person when I get to smell that irresistible scent.  Then the physique comes in.  I just gotta admit…  With a built so fine, i’d definitely go drooling over that someone.


Then after all those first impressions, that’s when the behavioral factor comes in.  A person with a good sense of humor is someone whom i’d love to go out with.  Someone whom I won’t go getting bored with.  Someone who can easily bring up any conversations which we’d both agree to.  There may be debates, but I don’t mind.  I love challenging people and seeing how smart they are.  Besides, I am an optimistic person.  I don’t just easily jump into conclusions, nor gets easily pissed.  I love listening to other peoples ideas.  And I do nott mind if we end up with an argument just over our differences. ^.^


Searching is completely out of the topic though, its just a matter of enjoying one person’s company.  I’m not the type who goes out just to search for a partner, instead I go out to have a great time.  Just like what I’m feeling right now.  Woke up feeling so light, enjoying my day, and this smile…… this smile just won’t get off of my face… 🙂


I just can’t seem to explain why am I feeling this way.  Is it because I started my day right? or it is because I finally found what/who motivates me?  I totally don’t know.  Completely blanked.  This article was supposed to be about skin whitening and that I’m one of those few who is easily attracted to people with light colored skin tone.  And yet, here I am.  Ended up questioning why the heck am I so happy.