Last January 12, Mosbeau Philippines had it’s first ever photoshoot with its new and prime endorser — Ms. Angel Locsin. The photoshoot was held at a studio in Pasong Tamo, Makati. We started at around 7pm after all the make up and styling.  At first, I haven’t seen Angel up close in person.  As soon as I got to the studio, I sat down and did a little chat with few of the employees.  As we waited for the shoot to start, Sir Francis (the photographer) goes: “OK let’s check on the lights now…”  A few mins after, I saw Angel coming towards the area, all dressed up and.. and…. truly amazing..  I don’t think I have the words to describe how she looked that day.  Or maybe how she looks in person.

While the shoot was on-going, I started playin’ around with Ate Lans, (copywriter).  Then in the middle of the shoot, Angel goes “sino po ung ka-twitter ko?” then everyone started pointing at me..  I was surprised that she asked, so I blushed and smiled.. ^.^

Right after everyone pointed at me, she uttered “andyan na ung krispy kreme mo.” And I was like? what??? no kidding?!? she actually brought me my fave original glaze? hahahahahhahah!!!!!! it was one of the best day of my life! 😀

Everyone was puzzled how did Angel and I get to talk or what was it with the Donut.  Then I just told them the story.  I was just really shocked to find out that she actually brought me KK which was originally just a joke.

I no longer had the chance to interview Ms. Angel.  However, was able to have a little chat with her though.  Even asked her how was she convinced to dance.  Than all she said was “G-Force.  Ang galing nila.  Hindi nila ako iniwan, instead, talagang tinuturuan pa ko“.  In that short chat, I knew Angel isn’t like any other celebrities.  She knows how to mingle with people of all sorts.  Well, I can describe her in one word i think.  And that would be — COWBOY.  LOL!.. in short, she’s the type na walang kaarte-arte. I wasn’t really a fan, I admire her though with all her achievements and her charm. But I wasn’t expecting that she was such a humble human being.

Now everytime I see Krispy Kreme, all I can imagine is Angel’s smile.. hmmm… now that makes me an avid fan..