i don’t know how am i supposed to say this,
but this chance i can’t miss..

i thought it was just a crush,
now, i’m bein’ all washed..

you’ve been buggin’ me for nights now,
to admit this i don’t know how..

all i see is you,
and when your not around i’m blue..

I can’t go on pretendin’ its nothin’,
while your name is what i’m chantin’..

your voice gives me the shivers,
like a cold breeze in the river..

your smile is all i can imagine,
admittin’ i like your stylin’..

your eyes so mesmerizin’,
slowly its hypnotizin’..

now i gotta go,
scared of this flow..

frightened of what you’d feel,
these emotions i gotta deal..

in case you can’t get it,
with you i was really hit..

what i’m try’na say,
i hope these feeling will go away..

but damned girl!
you suddenly stopped my world…