Placenta has a long history of use that can be traced backed to BC Period.  For therapeutic purposes with placenta as for the doctor and Hippocrates in ancient Greece that is called “FATHER OF MEDICINE” and “HOLY DOCTOR”.  He was said to be patronized by Cleopatra and Marie-Antoinette to retain one’s beauty.

In ancient Chinese society, placenta is widely used as a value medicine for anti-aging all throughout China.  It was applied onto the skin in the form of a lotion.  The oldest Chinese medical book dictionary for herbal medicine recorded the existence of placenta for medical purposes.  The function of this medicine based from records states that it  was to used to reduce heart beat rate, nourish blood, good for the lungs, good for the heart, counter poison, and to improve quality of blood.  As per record of Shigasha placenta, which has the function of stress relief, improves blood quality, improve lungs function, dissolve poison material and blood supplement.  Shigasha medical book is still being used by the young and old generations now-a-days.

In ancient Japan, during the Ito Period, there was this medicine called Konngenndan which is mixed and prepared according to the medical book Shigasha.  In recent medical research in 1930, Mr. Odensa from the Russian Republic and Dr. V.P. Fratofu pioneered in the research of Placenta.  Mr. Fratofu use frozen placenta to put beneath the patient’s skin.  This is called organization medical therapy.  It can improve the body function and activate the skin organizational structure.  The function was later then confirmed.  

I few years later, the European countries also followed the research and development of placenta.  the medical function was totally confirmed.  

Japan invents the said injection of medication for the person who suffers from menopause symptoms.  Japan medical department also approved the use of placenta to improve liver functions.  Now-a-days, the Japanese also use placenta injection for skin care injuries.  With this, there seemed to have an increase in the demands of the consumers.  At present, this is now being offered globally, not only in Japan, but also in Germany and in the Philippines.