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aboutus_headerMosbeau is created for the perfection of skin whitening, customized for Asian Skin.  Offered and made in Japan, all Mosbeu products are developed from high quality, proven safe and effective ingredients in Japan like Placental Protein, Collagen, Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Flower Extract, Vitamin C and Glutathione.

Used by famous Asian celebrities, the Philippines can now experience not only high-end skin whitening; but also the same professional anti-aging, shaping and wellness pampering.  With more than 20 years of experience and expertise in providing exceptional skin whitening for Asian skin, only Mosbeau gives the most promising and fastest whitening effect, beyond anyones expectation.  Mosbeau’s Beauty and Wellness line is ones ticket to being stunningly beautiful.


tried and tested by ANGEL

Story behind the contract signing:

Angel Locsin’s manager initially ignored the proposal from Mosbeau Philippines for its product endorsements.  The said manager wasn’t convinced on how effective the product is and considering that the company is just new in the country.  After a few chats between the marketing division of Mosbeau and Angel’s manager,  the company was finally given the chance to present its proposal and the packages it includes.  After the long meeting, Angel and her manager discussed about it.  Surprisingly, Angel had already tried Mosbeau’s products.  How is what we don’t know, nor even WHEN is what we have no idea of.  With this, since it has been tried and tested, and Angel was extremely happy with the results, they intuitively accepted the proposal.





are you a BLOGGER?



This just came in yesterday…  Mosbeau Philippines gave me a free sample of their PLACENTA WHITE and their MOSBEAU WHITE.

Then they advised me that I can just refer bloggers who’s interested with the product and they’d give samples to them too..t Great isn’t it?? Very generous of them…  And a unique marketing strategy.. hmmm.. Now this is the catch, if your a blogger, of any age or gender, and as long as your located here in the Philippines, feel free to comment to this post.. and I’ll go through your site.. Then I can just forward them your contact details.. Hope we can also meet soon.  It’ll be quite a deal actually.  What do you think??

Well, my study about the products will definitely not end, at least not now.. 

I’ll be glad to study more about the company and the products they offer.  I also heard that this is just the start of it.  Since their new in the country, much more products await.  They’ll be introducing a lot more of it soon.  No wonder they were able to get new endorsers.  And real good ones.  

I admire the company for this effort.  Looks like a good start for their PR campaign…


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