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Last January 12, Mosbeau Philippines had it’s first ever photoshoot with its new and prime endorser — Ms. Angel Locsin. The photoshoot was held at a studio in Pasong Tamo, Makati. We started at around 7pm after all the make up and styling.  At first, I haven’t seen Angel up close in person.  As soon as I got to the studio, I sat down and did a little chat with few of the employees.  As we waited for the shoot to start, Sir Francis (the photographer) goes: “OK let’s check on the lights now…”  A few mins after, I saw Angel coming towards the area, all dressed up and.. and…. truly amazing..  I don’t think I have the words to describe how she looked that day.  Or maybe how she looks in person.

While the shoot was on-going, I started playin’ around with Ate Lans, (copywriter).  Then in the middle of the shoot, Angel goes “sino po ung ka-twitter ko?” then everyone started pointing at me..  I was surprised that she asked, so I blushed and smiled.. ^.^

Right after everyone pointed at me, she uttered “andyan na ung krispy kreme mo.” And I was like? what??? no kidding?!? she actually brought me my fave original glaze? hahahahahhahah!!!!!! it was one of the best day of my life! 😀

Everyone was puzzled how did Angel and I get to talk or what was it with the Donut.  Then I just told them the story.  I was just really shocked to find out that she actually brought me KK which was originally just a joke.

I no longer had the chance to interview Ms. Angel.  However, was able to have a little chat with her though.  Even asked her how was she convinced to dance.  Than all she said was “G-Force.  Ang galing nila.  Hindi nila ako iniwan, instead, talagang tinuturuan pa ko“.  In that short chat, I knew Angel isn’t like any other celebrities.  She knows how to mingle with people of all sorts.  Well, I can describe her in one word i think.  And that would be — COWBOY.  LOL!.. in short, she’s the type na walang kaarte-arte. I wasn’t really a fan, I admire her though with all her achievements and her charm. But I wasn’t expecting that she was such a humble human being.

Now everytime I see Krispy Kreme, all I can imagine is Angel’s smile.. hmmm… now that makes me an avid fan..


excited for Angel’s photoshoot tomorrow.. And aside from the privilege of seeing her personally, I also get the chance to do a little Q&A with her..

now im just wonderin what questions to ask her.. hmmmmm..

Since I’ve been following Mosbeau around, I just realized that the company now has it’s Twitter acct.

And , they do accommodate questions.  A lot of interactions with them actually.  Maybe we can ask when will their photoshoot with Angel be.. Hmmmm…..

Unfortunately, the photoshoot which was tentatively scheduled for yesterday (december 07, 2009) did not push through.

No confirmation from Angel’s party.

Mosbeau now is assuming that the photoshoot will then have to push through next week.  “Rain or shine” as they may say.

To bad, the press launch is in much delay.  No specific reasons where provided by the company on why the schedules had been postponed several times.  However, the company assures that Angel is definitely endorsing Mosbeau Products.

Here is the link to the company site of Mosbeau Philippines.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009 — said scheduled date for Mosbeau’s much-awaited photoshoot with Angel Locsin. Unfortunately, Ms. Becky (Angel’s Manager) called Mosbeau to inform that Angel cannot seem to make it to her photoshoot due to high-fever.  This must be because of the stress she had during the past weeks.  Over-fatigue now attacks.  With this, Mosbeau have no other choice but to cancel the said photoshoot which was scheduled today.

Now, I’m just wondering, does this also mean that the press launch scheduled on December 08, 2009 will be canceled as well?

Will be getting more info later on…


Angel’s photshoot which was initially scheduled on the 28th of November, was later moved to November 29, 2009.  This was due to the Emmy awards, considering that Angel and the team flew all the way to New York.  Sadly, the Nov. 29 photoshoot had to be postponed and moved to a later date.  Unfortunately,  The said rescheduling was later moved once again to the 1st of December.

Mosbeau Philippines granted the request.  With this, other updates about Angel’s endorsement with Mosbeau will be kept online.

I also heard that Mosbeau Philippines will be conducting its Press Launch on the 8th of December 2009 (Tuesday), along somewhere near Trinoma.  Time and guests are to still to be determined.  However, one thing’s for sure though, the prime endorser, Ms. Angel Locsin will definitely be there along with the company’s previous endorsers.  Which includes: Beth Tamayo, Hiroka, and Cristina Gonzales-Romualdez.

Hope I can get to drop by… ^.^