Hi everyone!


I apologize for not being able to answer all your queries regarding skin whitening of products such as Mosbeau, Met, and a bunch more.

Since I left my previous employer, I became busy with what I used to love doing, and found my way back to it — dancing.  Now, I got this new hobby – photography.  Geezzzzz… it’s one expensive hobby i’m telling you.  But nothing beats that feeling of capturing a moment from slipping.  Being able to share this spectacular moment with friends and others who also loves photography.

I started out with fashion glam shoots, a few friends came to me, and requested me to conduct a photoshoot for them (since they saw some of the photos I took), so I agreed.  A few months later, I entered event coverage, and now, I become one of those official photographers who takes pictures of strangers…

Since, I’m also a party-goer and a very outgoing person, I love attending events, then I decided to go into events management.  First event I actually handled was for a kick-off party for a dear friend who so happens to be a performer and a choreographer, Nesh J.  A month later, I was given the opportunity to handle another event but this time it’s for one of the fast-rising crews in the Philippines – Next.Ep.  Boy,  these two events were such a blast!  Believe me.  I, along with 3 other friends decided to push through with events and productions.  And since I got my degree in Marketing and Corporate Communications, decided to offer marketing and promotions as well.

Now, i’m connected with a mobilesite builder company here in Makati, while I do events at night, and do photography and choreography at the same time.

I just love it how I get to maximize what I know and being able to learn more with what I love doing.

Oops.. I think I’ve said enough now.  This was supposed to be a simple apology for all my readers, yet I ended up sharing what keeps busy now-a-days.

Anyways, I promise to answer all your questions.  One-at-a-time though.

Feel free to place in any comments, or thoughts, or simply leave a mark.

Thanks everyone!  For reading and having the time to visit my site.  CIAO!