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Mosbeau’s Updated Website

I was astounded to see the updated site of Mosbeau Philippines.  And I can say that Angel Locsin is one true beauty!


Mosbeau Philippines had its first ever Press Launch at C3, Events Place located right behind Promenade Center in Greenhills.  The said Launch was supposed to start at 11am.  However, due to traffic or time constraints, the event started at around 12:30 noon.

Highlight of the event was to introduce Mosbeau products to the local market.  Informing all Filipinos that there is such product existing in stores nationwide.  Another goal is to inform the public of its new product endorser –MS. ANGEL LOCSIN.

The event highlited not only the goals but also its star-studded guests.  Cesca Litton – one of the coolest VJ’s of MTV, insider of SNN (ABS-CBN) and one of the hottest models in the country served as host for Mosbeau’s event.  Teaming up with Paul Chuapoco – formerly under Ms. Becky Aguila’s Talent Management, previous Marketing Assistant of Met Tathione and is now connected with PMP Communications. Another star which surprised our guests is Christian Bautista.  Christian as well know had recently released his single titled: Beautiful Girl.  Since Mosbeau stands for MOSt BEAUtiful, Christian sung the song Beautiful Girl and serenaded Ms. Angel Locsin as she was introduced to the audience.   Few minutes later, here comes Angel Locsin going down the stairs glowing and all pretty as ever.  Below is a short clip of the sweet song Christian sang for Angel:

Event was such a huge success.  Our friends from the media were able to make it.  Received good feedback, everything flowed out smoothly, and glad to say, no problems came up.  Mouth-watery European Food, accommodating waiters and excellent service had been provided by C3.  And of course, the event was also made possible through the help of PMP Communications.  Sphere-headed by Paul Chuapoco and Patrick Samson.

tried and tested by ANGEL

Story behind the contract signing:

Angel Locsin’s manager initially ignored the proposal from Mosbeau Philippines for its product endorsements.  The said manager wasn’t convinced on how effective the product is and considering that the company is just new in the country.  After a few chats between the marketing division of Mosbeau and Angel’s manager,  the company was finally given the chance to present its proposal and the packages it includes.  After the long meeting, Angel and her manager discussed about it.  Surprisingly, Angel had already tried Mosbeau’s products.  How is what we don’t know, nor even WHEN is what we have no idea of.  With this, since it has been tried and tested, and Angel was extremely happy with the results, they intuitively accepted the proposal.