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MET no longer has ANGEL











It is confirmed!

Resources just informed me that Angel Locsin will now be endorsing a new Cosmetic Company which specializes in skin whitening.

Let’s just say, “ANGEL LOCSIN just MET better”.. –does it make any sense??? LOL! 😀

Hmm.. can’t wait for her new adds to be out……….. intriguing….. 😉


Resources say that Mktg head/director of a leading Skin whitening brand was pirated by another lead company in the Philippines. With this, all product endorsements with artists have been ended. This includes with Richard Gutierrez, Angel Locsin and much more.. Due to consistency, do you think other whitening brands should get Angel Locsin and Richard Guierrez to endorse their products as well? This is just a little marketing research. To see if these artists will still create an impact in the industry’s target audiences.