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It’s been quite some time since I wrote about Mosbeau.  Well, while I was surfing, I came across Angel’s latest TV Commercial which is for MOSBEAU.

Well, a lot has been asking if the product contains any side effects and all I can say is that the products is indeed CLINICALLY PROVEN SAFE AND EFFECTIVE.  My dad uses the Placenta White himself.  And he does smoke a lot.  But since he started taking the product, there is no doubt that the product works, I’ve noticed the changes with his skin and his physique.  Dad looks totally healthy, not to mention, he looks younger, naturally fresher and even if he still does smoke, his skin lightened and tightened.  Which is what i’ve been telling him.

I also recommend Mosbeau to my colleagues and friends.  Aside from it cleanses your body from toxins it also relieves your body from stress.

Anyways, below is the link to Angel’s latest TV Commercial.  With Mosbeau.


You can also catch the edit-down version at Mosbeau’s Official Website : http://mosbeau.com.ph/index.html


Mosbeau Placenta White


Here’s Mosbeau Philippines Inc.’s Audio Visual Presentation for tradeshows

a LITERARY thought..

I’m left here on my desk with nothing to do…

Now all these whitening products had left me wondering too..

Why did the Japanese think of this, knowing how white and fair their complexion is..

They came up with all these list, now it became much kind of a gist..


It’s like a disease hitting all throughout the world, 

Stereotyping that’s now all curled,

Women trying to get all white,

To blend in, just to be in sight..


Now i gotta end this, now i gotta go..

Issues with complexion, i’ve finally out grown..

Looking forward to whatever it may lead to,

Evolving products, i’ll see it through..

aboutus_headerMosbeau is created for the perfection of skin whitening, customized for Asian Skin.  Offered and made in Japan, all Mosbeu products are developed from high quality, proven safe and effective ingredients in Japan like Placental Protein, Collagen, Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Flower Extract, Vitamin C and Glutathione.

Used by famous Asian celebrities, the Philippines can now experience not only high-end skin whitening; but also the same professional anti-aging, shaping and wellness pampering.  With more than 20 years of experience and expertise in providing exceptional skin whitening for Asian skin, only Mosbeau gives the most promising and fastest whitening effect, beyond anyones expectation.  Mosbeau’s Beauty and Wellness line is ones ticket to being stunningly beautiful.

the DANGER of mercury

As I entered the office today, I overheard a couple of our product specialists buzzing about this local skin whitening product.  At first I thought it was just another typical story of how effective it was or the price of it or you know, more of the advantages of the product.  However, it was a bit more interesting than what I expected.  my colleagues started it out as a blind item saying “have you heard of this popular brand that claims how effective their product is, and instead makes use of mercury and deceives their customers?  It is being endorsed now by a famous local actress and you can even see the adds in all TV networks and billboards elsewhere”.  As we entered the rooms, they mentioned that this product does not actually whiten, instead contains ammoniated mercury which harms the skin rather than improves human skin.  This is when I thought of sharing in a new article on how dangerous mercury is to human skin.

Below is a few data which I was able to associate in relation with this issue:

ammoniated-mercury_250x250Many of the early skin-bleaching commodities such as Nodinalina skin bleaching cream, a product which has been in the US market since 1889, contained 10 per cent ammoniated mercury. Mercury is a highly toxic agent with serious health implications. According to Kathy Peiss , in 1930, a single survey found advertising for 232 different brand names of skin-bleaching creams promoted in mainstream magazines to mainly white women consumers in the United States.

Cosmetics with mercury will deliver common symptoms such as peripheral neuropathy or the feeling of itching, burning, or pain on your skin.  It can also cause skin discoloration; swelling and dead skin peels off in layers.

It can profuse sweating and even worse, it can faster your heart beat and blood pressure.  The symptoms also involve muscle weakness, kidney disfunction and neuropsychiatric symptoms such as emotional lability, memory impairment and insomnia.  

Industries still arguing that while mercury is hazardous at high levels, the quantities found in cosmetics are not sufficient to present those risks.

A more dangerous case is when a woman who is a regular user of cosmetic that contains mercury is pregnant, because it can retard brain development in children and fetuses.

Mercury fumes accumulated inside your cosmetic tube or jar, it will be a potential toxic exposure if someone inhales the fumes. The best solution to avoid this problem is carefully choose a cosmetic and report it if you found a product that contains mercury.

The symptoms of mercury poisoning can also include:

– impairment of peripheral vision

– disturbances in sensations – that ‘pins and needles’ feeling as well as numbness – usually in the hands feet and sometimes around the mouth

– lack of coordination of movements, such as writing

– impairment of speech, hearing, walking

– muscle weakness

– skin rashes

– mood swing, memory loss, and mental disturbances

Coming into contact with too much mercury this way can damage a growing brain, harming the way unborn and young children will be able to think and learn. It can also harm anyone’s heart, kidneys, lungs, and immune system.

FDA officials in Thailand collected cosmetic products from various shops in Bangkok’s Sam Pheng and Pahurat areas for testing and found that 57 brands – most not registered with the FDA – had prohibited substances, FDA secretary-general Siriwat Thiptaradol told a press conference on Friday.

The harmful substances included hydroquinone, retinoic acid and ammoniated mercury. These could cause severe skin irritation, white spots, incurable melasma and could harm the foetus in pregnant women, Siriwat said.

Siriwat urged consumers, especially women with a melasma problem, not to buy products that did not identify their source and manufacturing date.

The list of banned cosmetics is available at www.fda.moph.go.th.

The FDA is also pushing for the punishment for manufacturers, importers and sellers of unsafe cosmetics to be increased to five years’ imprisonment and a fine up to Bt500,000, he said.

The current punishment is up to one year in jail or a Bt60,000 fine.

One way to determine if your cosmetic product contains mercury:

You can check it out by applying the product on your palm and rub it with something made from golden.

If it turns to gray, it means the product contains mercury. The darker the color is; the higher level of mercury contained by the product.

Again, we have to take precautions when purchasing these type of products.  Especially if our health is on the line.  I’m just wondering, why hasn’t the local government done anything to verify if products are safe or not?  I mean, the Philippines should conduct random tests annually on the numerous products we now have for skin whitening.  In that way, we have the assurance that our products are indeed mercury-free.

cause of dark underarms?

dr. jean marquez-skinspecialist

Dark underarm is one of the biggest (and even embarrassing) beauty concerns among women.  There are instances that no matter how fair your facial or body skin is, some areas are just stubbornly dark.  Dr. Jean Marquez, president of Philippine Center for Dermatology & Laser Surgery and a fellow of the Philippine Dermatological Society, shares with us the roots of women’s darkest secrets.


Generally, skin darkening is caused by increased in melanin production in the skin or melanogenesis,” shares Dr. Marquez.  Melanin is the skin’s natural pigment that is responsible for the color of a person’s skin.  “Another form of skin darkening is what we call post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation which stimulates excess melanin production as a reaction to irritations, trauma or injuries that occur on the skin.  This is often the stimulation with the underarms,” she explains.


So, what causes irritation on the underarms?  “Plucking, shaving, and too much rubbing of the skin can cause irritation.  But, women should also be wary of the products and treatments they use for their underarms since some of these contain strong chemicals that also damage the skin,” she says.


To get rid of this dark problem, Dr. Marquez recommends that women choose their products carefully.  “Use a product with the combination of the best whitening ingredients that work synergistically to whiten the skin.  When we talk about best ingredients, these pertain to ingredients that will not induce irritation or inflammation, are natural and do not only whiten but at the same time promote exfoliation and skin cell turn-over,” she says.

Placental Protein, Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Extract, Vitamin C, Arbutin and Glutathione are only one of the many effective whitening ingredients that do not cause irritation.  These ingredients can work to influence the biosynthesis of melanin production and rejuvenation of the skin.

Thanks to Dr. Jean Marquez, we now understand how skin darkens and learned the best ways to combat it.  The next step?  It’s just right in your hands.  Practice good skin care habits, consult your dermatologist and use the right underarm whitening product.  Start to unveil your potentials with a skin free from dark problems!

white skin: INTERPRETED

Asian people love aristocratic paleness.  They prefer pale skin over their own yellow-brownish complexion and detest freckles.  In former ages, bright skin often was regarded as beautiful and associated with gentility; this was also due to the fact that only someone who did not have to do outside work could maintain fair skin.  In order to maintain fair skin, powder and creams with bright pigments were often applied.  To this day, white skin signifies noblesse, prosperity, and feminity.

48676109_1Therefore there is great demand for skin-lightening cosmetic products with significant, immediate, and long-lasting effects.  In former times, also skin lighteners were applied, that were harmful to health, such as mercury.  In the meantime, however, health consciousness had grown considerably and the demand for natural, non-damaging skin lightening is expanding.  In other parts, of the world, more and more skin-lightening actives are being used, e.g., they are incorporated into anti-aging products in order to prevent age spots or to lighten up existing ones.  In our modern competitive world, an even and youthful skin is becoming more and more important.  Therefore nowadays, most creams for everyday skin care includes lightening ingredients.

bye-bye DARK spots…

I noticed that most filipinos are conscious about dark spots, especially those of dark underarms, elbows, knees or whatever body part that is visible to the public.   With this, I searched the net for a product that I believe may be effective to lighten up these dark spots.  As I searched during my breaktime, I came about Mosbeau Inc. and browsed their site.  They captured my interest since they were the first to ever make use of Pig Placenta for skin whitening.  Then, I checked for another product which can help solve the concerns of Asians.


This is what I learned from the new product — MOSBEAU WHITE (Underarm & Inner Thigh Cream).  Another breakthrough from Japan, genuinely made in Japan, and currently being offered in Japan.  The said product provides visible results in just 14 days and a complete whitening result in 4 weeks if being continuously used.  It is basically a 2-in-1 formula which whitens stubborn dark areas while its mild deodorizing properties protects underarm from unwanted body odor.

The company’s first-ever whitening cream comes with a combination of the most-expensive, latest innovation, potent and effective whitenning ingredients in Japan such as Placental Protein, Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Flower extract, Glutathione, Collagen, Arbutin and Vitamin C.  Though this contains glutathione, all MOSBEAU products are proven safe.  And completely with no side effects.  Glutathione dosages where very much monitored in order to make sure that unwanted side effects will not occur.  

This whitening cream provides skin firming benefits through the help of Collagen.  It also contains botanical whitening extracts such as aloe vera leaf extract, Kudzu Root extract, Peony Root extract and Strawberry Begonia Extract.  

Aside from the fact that this is BFAD APPROVED, Mosbeau White is NOT a seasonal product nor should be used in special temperature environment.  This may be used for all types of season, whether it’s summer or even during the rainy days.  Likewise, Mosbeau White may be applied to any dark spot not only on underarms, elbows, knees, but also for inner thighs, areola or even on the face.

I hope this little bit of information can get to reach those who are very much interested with underarm whitening.  I just read a blog earlier about this Filipina who had a big problem on how to lighten up her underarm.  Too bad, other people makes fun of those who has dark armpits.   My personal opinion is that having a dark underarm is not something to be laughed at.  Laughing at someone or making fun of someone just because their dark color causes psychological damage.  And will definitely break one’s confidence.  Let’s not pull each other down… Be an inspiration would be much better.

(I’ll try to research more about this to provide all the necessary information to those who had been worrying about their color or unwanted spots.)

I found a magazine about Mosbeau Inc.  I thought of posting it to further educate my readers and much more of a good-to-know information about the company and its products.  SInce I have become so interested with their PLACENTA PROTEIN for skin whitening.

“When it comes to skin, expertise is a necessity.  Every skin is fragile and unique.  Using unsuitable and not credible products will cause irritation and damages, which certainly defeats your purpose of making your skin beautiful and ehalthy.  What your skin needs is professional care and not just a “trial and error” method.

With more than 20 years of experience, expertise and excellence in providing exceptional skin for Asians, Mosbeau continuously brings out the most beautiful in every woman.

Mosbeau’s formulation involves the latest breakthrough in skin care, providing the combination of the most natural, highest-quality ingredients that are made in Japan.  Mosbeau ingredients have undergone series of testing and were tried by selected Asian women before introduction to the market, making it proven safe and effective.  In fact, its PLCENTA PROTEIN is the only cosmetic Placenta that is used for MEDICAL PURPOSES.  The company dedicates their time,efforts and resources to use natural ingredients that are processed thoroughly to provide faster effects without any irritation.  


Mosbeau products utilizes cell-to-skin function where it penetrates deep into the skin to rejuvenate skin cells, giving overproduction to prevent skin darkening.”



Placenta has a long history of use that can be traced backed to BC Period.  For therapeutic purposes with placenta as for the doctor and Hippocrates in ancient Greece that is called “FATHER OF MEDICINE” and “HOLY DOCTOR”.  He was said to be patronized by Cleopatra and Marie-Antoinette to retain one’s beauty.

In ancient Chinese society, placenta is widely used as a value medicine for anti-aging all throughout China.  It was applied onto the skin in the form of a lotion.  The oldest Chinese medical book dictionary for herbal medicine recorded the existence of placenta for medical purposes.  The function of this medicine based from records states that it  was to used to reduce heart beat rate, nourish blood, good for the lungs, good for the heart, counter poison, and to improve quality of blood.  As per record of Shigasha placenta, which has the function of stress relief, improves blood quality, improve lungs function, dissolve poison material and blood supplement.  Shigasha medical book is still being used by the young and old generations now-a-days.

In ancient Japan, during the Ito Period, there was this medicine called Konngenndan which is mixed and prepared according to the medical book Shigasha.  In recent medical research in 1930, Mr. Odensa from the Russian Republic and Dr. V.P. Fratofu pioneered in the research of Placenta.  Mr. Fratofu use frozen placenta to put beneath the patient’s skin.  This is called organization medical therapy.  It can improve the body function and activate the skin organizational structure.  The function was later then confirmed.  

I few years later, the European countries also followed the research and development of placenta.  the medical function was totally confirmed.  

Japan invents the said injection of medication for the person who suffers from menopause symptoms.  Japan medical department also approved the use of placenta to improve liver functions.  Now-a-days, the Japanese also use placenta injection for skin care injuries.  With this, there seemed to have an increase in the demands of the consumers.  At present, this is now being offered globally, not only in Japan, but also in Germany and in the Philippines.